Functional Performance is a progressive 6-week program of Strength, Power, Balance, Core and Cardio. FP focuses on those smaller muscles needed to maintain proper form, stability and technique when your body is put to the test. Through this program individuals will develop the necessary tools to perform both in the gym and with everyday life activities.

Class Schedule: 
Monday 6AM & 9AM
Wednesday 6AM & 9AM
Friday 6AM & 9AM



TRX is a full body strength workout that utilizes one’s own body weight. Control the intensity of each exercise by simply adjusting the suspended position of your body to add or decrease resistance. All levels welcome! Great for runners, triathletes or anyone looking to build strength and prevent injury.

  • Fast, effective total body workout
  • Builds rock solid core
  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Benefits all fitness levels

R&R FLEXIBILITY - (coming soon )

Lengthen and release from head to toe as you're guided through a series of foam rolling, static, dynamic, and assisted stretching techniques. This class will utilize deep breathing combined with various rollers, balls, yoga blocks, and other props to achieve whole body relaxation while deeply lengthening tightened muscles. Carefully designed to systematically progress your muscles into a tender, and pliable state. Rise and unwind!




This 6-week program is for athletes interested in proper running form and technique. Runners will learn pacing methods through drills, footwork and progressive track workouts. Testing will be performed at the beginning and end of the session to measure improvements. Level I is for runners who have never run before up to 5K distance.


This 6-week program is for seasoned runners looking to take their running to the next level. Athletes will see an increase in speed through drills and improved pacing techniques. Track workouts will depend on the ability of the athlete along with race schedule. Testing will be performed at the beginning and end of the session to measure improvements. Level II is for runners training for specific races up to marathon distance.